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Published in Denmark - Battle orders - 16 Mar 2016 02:40 - 1

Dear fellow countrymen,

As an iniciative to coordinate our damage and organise our country, we will try to regularly inform you about out battle priorities. If you  want to go to the battle, just click on the image:

Pomerania- LEVEL 4

Sweden finally managed to kick Ukraine s butts out of Scandinavia. It is time for us to help them in Pomerania o7

Andalucia- LEVEL 4

France is still battling Spain in order to help Portugal. It is very important for us to close that front as soon as possible o7

This is the best thing I can do to coordinate our damage, since (as you may read here) the former CP Barkley refuses to give us the control of the national militia (a MU that was paid with the country s treasure). I hope it will be enough for now.

Kind regards,

Ragnar, King of the Danes.

edit: Day 66, 14:39 eRev time- BO updated


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