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Hello everyone i joined the game 2 months ago, and now i have reached the maximum of 5 x Q1 and 5 x Q2 food factories you are allowed to have, but the thing is it still is not cutting it in order to be able to hit my energy in battles. So i decided to humbly ask for your support. So if someone has a bit more than he needs, please share it so i can keep fighting.

Here is my way of saying THANK YOU FOR THE DONATIONS OF FOOD!!!saying Thank you !!!



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Thank you for these images i was pleasantly suprised Smile
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My math is a bit rusty, bu this does not add up to 2 months i am almost sure: Member since: Oct 2, 2018 (however, since you asked, i ll send you some foods)
food sent
You should now try to upgrade all to Q3 - Q3 and above have no limit in quantity of factories you can have.