When you forget to say...

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When you forget to say #nohomo

When you are hugging your friend and you forgot to say #nohomo


When you are at the tailor getting your new pants and you forgot to say #nohomo


When you are drinking your morning coffee and you forgot to say #nohomo


When you are in the locker room after playing sports and you forgot to say #nohomo


When you get out of the shower and you forgot to say #nohomo


When you are fixing the kitchen sink and you forgot to say #nohomo


When you are on the couch with your friend and you forgot to say #nohomo


Are you tired of always having to say #nohomo ?

Well then you should join France, because it s a known fact that all French guys are 100% straight Alpha Males, so you dont have to say #nohomo all the time. Everyone knows it.

We also have 4x100% bonuses, low taxes and very low prices on French market. So come join the most alpha nation on this game! Or at least produce here.

I will end this article once again with some nice pics of girls that we French guys love!






French girls training.



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Just counted and the tag #nohomo was used 10 times in this article... Surprised
T as vraiment un gros soucis mental toi, il faudrait consulter
Sun Zi I m ok bro Laugh
I very like the fir... hum hum the second part of this article ! Of course in France we are all alpha man and when i take my shower with Azzazel87, it s just to feel the testosterone and to save watter ! #nohomo
These gifs are mezmerizing...
Carnax exactly ! Smile It s a nice feeling knowing that you can drop the soap on the floor as many times as you want and still nothing gay will happen #OnlyInFrance
Exactly I take my shower with Carnax only to have company and save the water nothing more ! #nohomo
Haha Laugh that s the proper French way to take shower! If you shower alone you are not true French ! #nohomo