【Video】 Talan meeting with his troops

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xD é só ve los levar com um bacalhau na fuça
O Zé Povinho é fodid** 😁
Talan meeting with his troops after the battle for Transylvania: https://www.erevollution.com/en/battlefield/53359/1 https://youtu.be/yX5TsLuIEy8?t=101
Anyone could attack Argentina s Capital. The main thing is to conquer it and to hold it, dear bobcat Wink next time upload your failed propaganda videos on youtube so we won t need to go somewhere else to watch it.
Hahaha o7
Hoje eu quero comer Cuyo
Hungary tanks hard everyday and other statement are just proofs of that case when someone thinks more about himself what he really is Smile And talking about multies with 136 invitee...ohh, sorry...I know all of them flesh and blood player Wink Anyway, it could be even funny video if it would based on true things.
lol @Brodway I thought you knew the game from the beginning, I was one of the biggest recruiters of this game in the first months of starting this. I don t have 136 invitations, in fact I have more than 1000 players invited by me . these, half did not pass level 1, and only 10% managed to reach the level for me to have a medal in the profile .http://prntscr.com/t80jxs maybe you know what this list means
*...which makes me one of the players who contributed the most to this game
Muito bom hahahaha...
fake news!
puhahahahahha hahahahahaha very good xD
o/ Bruno Ganz o/
Borax meg TLLP egy buzi!
ROFL that was hilarious