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Published in France - Social interactions and entertainment - 15 Mar 2016 15:03 - 27

Yesterday, a serbian citizen tried to troll on the /all feed :

So french citizens decided to pack their stuff to prepare for war

And raise their baguettes in the air :

And BOOM :

Hail EAGLE! Hail Baguette! Hail Ta soeur! #BaguetteIsComing

PS : France also overkilling in poem battles

Respects to Serbia and Japan for the very entertaining battles even if you are not eating baguettes yet :)



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#BaguetteIsComing !!
Hail Baguette! hehehehe
Hail ta soeur c'est sous copyright ok ? Laugh Haha top Smile
#BaguetteForTheWin Smile
Hail Baguette ô7
Will be like in other game very soon.
This is photoshop...... Laugh
So you put print screen of battles with overkill? Public suicide?
Croatia and France defended Portugal against japanese and we won against Serbia and Japan in Canada and Spain. BTW this is not overkill, we hit with guns but we still have baguettes in our storage
Meet you soon o7 Hail Baguette
#BaguetteIsCuming for you tonight Govedo, sweet dreams Laugh
Hail Baguette ô7
Vincibabe, Japanese hit maybe 2-3kk max in Canada so don't count us Laugh
Meet you soon o7 Hail Baguette
#BaguettePower Au nom du vin, de la baguette et du saint-foie gras amen Laugh
"The Baguette win against the no" (Parody of a French political man, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former Prime minister) ^^
Hail Pitusas and Manaos
Baguette is good, baguette is life, join baguette ô7
Et bientôt "The Return of the baguette" Laugh
#BaguetteIsComing j'adore le slogan Laugh