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Dearfellow countrymen and allies,

I am adressing you again, although in this case, it saddens me deeply to say that I am here to publicly denounce the previous CP's (Barkley_Par) activities,and his threats to our national security.

As you may see in the following image, some of the first measures taken by Barkley_Par included several donations from the country's treasure to his own

Here's the link to the law:

Here's the link to the law:

I would also like to show you our latest conversation (the oldest message is at the bottom), where he states that all of that money has been spent in the country. We have no record of what he has done with the money, since he has not explained anything at all, published any articles, or spoken to the congressmen about his activities as a CP.

I think that it is fair to say that his administration has been, at least, utterly obscure and inneficient (he has spent all of the country's treasure, and we only have 2 MPPs and one region?), and in the worst case scenario, it could be qualified as corruption.

We asked him to donate that money to the country's treasure should he not trust us (which can be easily done here ),and not only he refused, but also claimed that he even spent his own money to save the country. I am no expert, although I can only but wonder how can a man who has spent his own money still afford to upgrade his training fields and companies; it is also remarcable that he has been able to do so even though he
cannot explain what happened with the public money that he decided to manage personally.

Finally, I would like to highlight that although he is not part of the government anymore, he refuses to give us control of the national militia. Yes, you've understood it perfectly, he refuses to give the control of the MU that he created with everyone's money to the man that was chosen the country's representative under our previous democratic elections. That could be somehow understandable if, at least, he was a good commander. However, under his rule, the militia has only changed its DO because I personally took care of it, and he has not tried to organise the damage or gather us all for a battle and provide us with supplies.

PS: I can only but hope that the good people of Denmark, as well as the international community, will condemn Barkley's acts. As you may see in the following image, I received another PM after our previous conversation. I suppose that, after threatening the current administration and the country's stability (since there were no other candidates during the CP elections, an impeachment would mean anarchy), Barkley must have reflected on how he would look once the public opinion knew about it and decided to play the "I was kidding" card.


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A true Ragnar would just take what is his - you are a FAKE Cheeky
A true Ragnar doesn't have admin powers to take what is his.