[LS] World Statistics - June 2020

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Nice Laugh
France must take the 3rd place. :p GG Limio !
Un article très utile lol
add some weekly damage
Vote and Sub for your efforts good to see a newbie article rather than just sub for sub shouts. Good work 0/
Keep the good work going
Excellent ! Continues tes efforts Agam... je veux dire Limio !
Nice Wink
That is the kind of stats Admins should show! GJ Agamemn.... wait a sec......
Germany nowhere, but yet always in first 3 by damage, how this can be explained. Easy, your statistics are wrong regarding number of players, so for effort only 5cc endorse
Voted and subscribed. Could you consider to have more information? Top 30 maybe?
Voted o7 PT tava TOP10 com o pessoal que ta fora Smile