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Greetings eAustralia,

Yes I know I have not done a newspaper for quite awhile, however I have remained active.

But on the eve of congress elections, I thought I would brush the dust off the newspaper and write to you directly, rather then in the comments section of our 'overlord'/'thief' propaganda articles.

As you might be or might not be aware, a while ago, a small group of recent arrivals, took advantage of our small community and bad position to go about stealing the CP from the elected people and raise taxes. Not only that, they also started to steal the countries funds under the lie of 'providing for the people', even though no discussion was ever taken place. These laws were voted through congress, due to the country only having 3 seats and they were holding 2 of them.

Now to look at a time line of events, taken from the Administration screen of our beloved homeland here:

11 days ago: Impeachment of our CP and placement of myself into the position (with out discussion and I even shouted it in the shout box due to my surprise) Law made by frenki07

8 days ago: MPP with eNew Zealand with out any discussion. Also no offense to NZ, but why not try and sign a MPP with a country that could ist us? Law made by Kered.

8 Days ago: Another Impeachment law was made, this one by Dog KyK, to place frenki07 into the CP role.

6 Days ago: A trade embargo against Cyprus (yep a country we have nothing to do with) was proposed by frenki07

6 Days ago: A work tax hike, no discussion on this doubling of the work tax and proposed by frenki07

6 Days ago: A min wage increase was proposed by.... yep you guessed it: frenki07 and with no discussions yet agaiin.

6 Days ago: A food tax hike was made by the usual suspect frenki07

6 Days ago: Another CP Impeachment made by the CP frenki07 on himself?? to install Really Kozak as CP

4 Days ago: Donation Law to send all of eAustralia's cash out and into his own account. Proposed by:  Really Kozak

3 Days ago: Donation Law to end all of eAustralia's gold out and into his own account. Proposed by:  Really Kozak

2 Days ago: Donation Law to send the remainder of the country's cash to his own account. Proposed by: Really Kozak However this law did not p due to Really Kozak being temped banned 

Now, some of you might be asking, why is there so many familiar names above, We see frenki07 and Dog KyK doing impeachments, we see frenki07 hiking up the taxes with out discussion before installing Really Kozak as the CP, who then takes all the money out of Australia (a bit hard to sign MPPs when there is no money left) with out even discussing it.

But I see you ask, he did hand out some money...

Yes that is correct, if you read his articles... oh wait he has removed the ones which showed him handing gold out to his cronies....

Maybe someone should ask them what they are doing??

Well when I did I got this response:

So eAustralia ask yourself this, do you want a person who openly says they are doing a TO (Take Over) and who then goes on to steal from our countries coffers?

DO you want a player who is now Temp Banned running the country?

So this congress elections, vote smart. We have many players who are committed to eAustralia.

Let us vote to get the majority into power and then remove these thieves from office.

Cast your vote for a range of honest players including:

Rusty D
Red Back
Hillbilly Bill

To name a few. DO NOT VOTE for those who have taken part in stealing from eAustralia.

Rusty D,
Loyal eAustralian,
Party President


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good job!