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First of all I greet you all.

How do we know if a job is wrong or not good?

By asking users?
Comparing with other jobs?



Faulty and exaggerated updates made by management recently.  He brought many players to the point of dropping the game.

You discuss this in your own communication networks.

I want all players to discuss this here in general.  Please write your thoughts in the comments.

These two images are the number of active players received from this game and another game at the same time.



The other game was made long after this game, but the number of active members is high.

So why?

Game management should give.

The correct answer to this question.  

We have only one request from them, what will be our end?

Instead of update articles, they should make a vision statement about the one-time game.

Note: This article was published for interrogation and exchange of ideas with other players.
This is the most natural right of users.  It cannot be blocked or eliminated.
There is no visual in the article that leads to another platform.  


Those who want the management to make a statement.


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you re right!
Old players have no opportunity to progress in an honest way. Innovations only complicate the game. There is no update that would be interesting. And players would have a lot of ideas, but the makers prefer that the gold can only be bought for real money. The problem with this is that you want to buy a gaming experience for real money, not a strong character ... With this business concept, the game is doomed to failure
E.D.O.O.M im coming Laugh
admin is a noob
I think in the current situation admin simply gave up about improving the game and is just trying to ``milk the cow`` while he can. Just see how much lucky dices each pack gives, and how Starter (Multi) Pack had its initial strength increased again to 48k. The last hope for admin are the addicted players who ``need`` to win in erev and still buy things with RL money, even after bad changes.
theese updates make the players who dont pay leaving. And players who pay needs free plyers, otherwise there is no sense to play...
I know many payer player stopped spending money on this game... Sad
The afmins do not care. I do not see them interacting with other players, which everyone feels they do not reapect players. All players might complain about something and you do not see any reaction from admins. This way made all the players after a while feel awful playing this game. I myself plan to stop playing this game in a week. Unless I see admins apologize for their behavior.
Want to send a message to admins? Stop spending your hard earned euros for a bunch of pixels.. your penis wont get bigger even if you are the best in this game.