Game News day 64

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Dear hard working citizens,

We are now once again looking for new mods that would be able to be active everyday between 14:00-00:00 game time(those who already submitted applications will be reviewed once again). 

To be able to apply for moderator you need to have good English knowledge and be communicative, enough time, must be just and not abuse mod power.

We are also looking for people with good video editing skills, to make a video tutorial and/or promoting video for the game.

As always there is a reward for everything. If you have any of this skills and are interested, please send application mail to
If you are applying for moderator don t forget to write something about yourself, how good is your English knowledge, if you had any previous experience with being a mod.

Also, today we have added a feature where you can see all the new citizens that registered in your country, and in the world.

Best regards,
eRevollution Team



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v .. why don't you just announce a video contest promoting the game, with rewards of course so there will be more than one vid we players can use to share the game .. as well as getting refs Laugh
Good update ! o7
I can't join the MU that I want to because my country is completely occupied and I have to be in the country where the MU is located in order to join in. Similarly, I (and the rest of my countrymen) can't set up and join a political party in our country, because it is occupied. Thus, we can't vote in any elections whatsoever, have no government, no laws, etc...
PM Sent
v+c o7
OldGunFighter - You can join, you just need someone to send you a direct link to that MU/Party.
@bisvit make mu storage, also commandant can appoint another one, also captain fire players from mu etc
Correct the war so indicator
Can I become mod for France?
Im making French guy spent their money in game... Can I get some reward for that? Thx
gmail, hotmail ... enough said about how serious this game is
rubno...air baloon contest showed how serious this game is...
If you ever need moderator that will abuse power, ofcourse Abe is not enough, than let me know, i would be very much interested in position like his o7
You want fair mod? Ask me .. I am the most fair human I know.. Well I don't know many humans but ok Laugh
Dear Admin any Mod ''20 March International Happiness Day'' is there something new? Smile
good work guys, keep it up!
Add Second Commander and another capitan positions to MU!
About viewing new citizens, even if sounds silly to support admin account, support by me. Even better to have the referer as first friend without the ability to be removed.
Add Alliance Fighter Medal Add Orgs or add a storage to MU
Sentence. In order to, the trade proposal were sorted in order, oldest first, and then New. And not vice versa as it is now.