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First of all I would like to salute the new change where you can actually see who joined this game today, both from your country and globally. 

What admins should do next is to ADVERTISE and bring more players to the game. We all know that the younger the game is, the better the chances more players would join. I doubt anyone would join a game where others have started playing 5-6 years ago.
It s true that they would have to use some of the profit they made, but in time those investments might prove a good decision and bring more profit should many new players come to the game! You should aim for large profit for a longer period of time, instead of small profit overnight.


Also, giving more missions to new players to stimulate them to play the game, and make their time here easier. Let s be honest 5-6 missions is far from enough. No need for drastic rewards, for ex. food and exp. will be beneficial for new players.
In this information era we live in, it s really easy to spread the word about sth if you really want to. Put some efforts, and make this community grow!
Not only admins, but we as players community should help new players and stimulate them to stay in this game. 

More players will mean better economies, more production, more battles, more organization on chat and most importantly more fun!
The more the merrier! 


All the best, 


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http://www.erevollution.com/en/article/3563 - EXPANDING THE COMMUNITY
Big vote ! We need more population, otherwise the game will die for sure...
hahahaha noobs Laugh noobs everywhere i support you my friend
Quest who is the bigger noob Smile))
Meh, Leave Erev Alone.
Nice idea also, i think its time for admins to not let the game die, and implement some of our ideas....
v .. agree with this: "... but we as players community should help new players and stimulate them to stay in this game ..." I just don't get why stronger players (not all of them though) tend to be arrogant, especially towards newer players .. everyone was a n00b once
vote o7