Suggestion Public Estate Improve Economy for Countries

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Suggestion to solvent problem with National Orgs.
Hello, I was thinking some things from a long time ago relationed with the Org’s Problem in the game.
As far as We know, admins don’t want to put Orgs in game due to some issues which they think will hurt the game, but didn t offer something to solve it.
A lot of ideas were suggested by players like me, example (Orgs accs managed by CP-Moe of each country) but always the administration’s answer is no due to issues could be appeared if they put them.

So after thinking a lot I thought a system which could be funny, easy to integrate (I guess) and could help to improve markets and national economy.
The main idea is to put more “activity” to CP, give a good logistical to MoD and “put a real activity for MoE”, since org’s aren’t in-game this previous charge shouldn’t exist “Like Governor”, are pure sthetical right?
Ok, now you get the concept this is the idea explained:
    The guys involved in this would be , Mod Governor (Moe). Normal users.Congressmen’s from country.

1- First, MoD and Governor would have total access to a new button located at Countries Tab, right of Administration. This tab will be called “Public Estate”LK
2) Normal users.  They can have citizenship from the country or being foreign. Also, They could see tab “Public Estate”. LK
3) Congressmen’s from desired country. They also could see the tab.*They will have more abilities, will be explained in section “What things are denied or allowed to group 1) 2) and ·3)
Things which are allowed or denied.
Group 1-   
1.MoD/CP and Governor can issue a new law called “Public Estate Capital Increase”
2.The money will be took from CT ( Currency or Gold, both can be donated)   
The law must be approved by congress with a 60%.
Law votation will be required only 12h instead of 24h.
3.They can:
3.1.Create/remove/update new job offer(in their own country) example: Serbia
*Kick employees.
3.2.Donate only products (Food, weps, houses) to people who are working at the factories which appears at “Public Estate” or to Military Units.
*Donations in gold-cc aren’t allowed.
3.3.Create/dissolve/upgrade factories (Only at their own country).
3.4.Companies can’t be bought in other countries, or changed to other localization.
3.5.Create/upgrade storage (To keep production)
3.6.Put Monetary market’s offers in gold or cc at own country.. They can buy a  license from other countries to speculate with money.
*If they buy a license the cost will 20g. They can see the new national market from the license and put offers in gold or cc but nothing more.
3.7They can put offers in products only at their own market, like Weps, Foods, Hospitals, houses Example Serbia’s market.
*If they bought a license for France (They can’t put product offers, only mm offers in that country)
3.8They can see funds in CC - Gold and Log Donations.
*At donations logs you can filter by and (will be kept all Product offers, mm offers , and donations). They can see donation logs from last 30 days (Then will be removed auto)

Group 2:
-Can’t do things mentioned previously. -They can go to “Public Estate” tab and could see:
“List of all factories”       “Total funds in CC-Gold”“Active job offers”          “Active MM offers”“Active Product offers”  

Group 3:
Congressmens are needed to vote “Public Estate Capital Increase” with a 60%.

System Part II.
Now, all it’s explained. The system should be like admins did putting “Mu storage”. Should be something like
1- If a CP/Gobernor/MoD creates an offer for “Gold-CC at MM”, Product for cc, or job offer for cc”. Other users should see with the name “Public State of Serbia” (In this case as example).I won’t explain more, since i don’t have any idea of graphic design but I guess all is right explained, and everyone will know what im trying to say.

 Benefits this system against Orgs
1. MoD/Gov only will have full access. So no more problems with using orgs to exploit them.
2. No need to have an acc or to an ORG accesed by multiple users.
3. Balance to prevent abusing orgs offers in multiple ways. (See  3.2 to 3.7 explained better)
4. A sustitutive from Orgs

Benefits for users/countries
Users/Congress/cp could see donations logs, from last 7 days. So no more problem with stealing/laundering money.
More money for the CT.
People could sell more their products at his own country so easy instead of being bombarded from foreing Orgs will thousands of offers.
Small Countries and big countries could be delevoped more easier and better, giving more funny in this way. So would be more load-balanced, not like now. Where the visas countries are 100% delevoped and the rest are fucked.




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Nice idea. Voted
Supported - we really need something like this! Good job FueGox! s+v
nice idea o/
Fist time i see game like this without org,it makes more easyer for ptoer cp to steal money from country treasore,good job admins ceep it up.
Voted! Have some cash for your brainstorming Wink
Cheers! o7
Nice voted o7
Nice idea, voted Laugh
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