How I hacked the balloon game the most hated game in eHistory

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So a week has passed since the most hated event in eHistory and I feel like now its a safe time to post this without making the admins angry :)

As you all know we had a flappy bird event last week and as a flappy bird professional athlete that payed over 1500€ for an iPhone with the app installed when they removed it from the store I felt like it was my time to shine! (just kidding my record in that game is 3 or 4).
So, because I was so bad at the game I taught: instead of wasting my time learning the game why not waste my time trying to break the game and breaking the game was what I did, so allow me to explain how:

I used a debug software that some of you might be familiar with and searched for the current score value (in my case it was 0 because I sucked monkey jewels), and when I finally got another point I searched for the value 1 .

I kept doing this until I could pinpoint exactly where in memory the score was being saved and then I could input any score I wanted.

And that was it, I had wasted a lot of time that I could have spent doing laundry, since clothes are still piling up in my room, and had finally broken the balloon evil god  that we all wanted to kill time and time again.

What I did next might surprise some of you helicopter maniacs, instead of using this exploit to get pimpish kinds of rich I reported it to the Admins so no one could use it for personal gain and they were amazing fast responding to me and even were kind enough to give me a reward for being a bad puppy.

I will leave you with the video of my greatest achievement in life after the day I found out I could preform a fellatio on myself:

Kisses in the mouth for everyone,



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ban4life xd
With Cheat Engine can hack near 95% flash games Smile For example Candy crush and etc.. Smile
SUPER COOL Laugh Laugh
cheat engine wtf :V
xD, i huck this with out programs, only the new tab in my browser, slightly text, next the mouse click and in my storage appeared gift :-)
Скільки адміни за це тобі грошей надали?