Don't worry

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Hello people.
All recently could see that I got a lot of money into the account. You do not worry. The money will be used for your development. I bought the raw plant foods and plants. Everything I produce - for you!
CP eAustral- Really Kozak


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Wow, with out even speaking to the public? Do you actually think we believe your lies? So you stole the money, to build your own factories to increase your own profits. And what about these grand schemes for MPPs to free Australia from Indo?? how will they be paid for since you didnt leave gold or cc in the government funds? If you think people believe your lies, you must be smoking some good weed
Really? I stole the money? I want to help you in development! I try attract people to our community. I also want you to hand out food. Before my arrival in the treasury were 99 Gold. Now 20. So now I owe you 80 Gold. I want to make Australia a powerful country, but it does take money. That's why I brought them out. Afte month I will bring to the treasury the 80 Gold, and will hand out bread and lend citizens.
If you are so concerned about eAustralia, you would discuss the idea's you have, you would ask for suggestions and not line your pockets. To give bread you do not need to steal from the country, if you want to help you will do it from your own pocket and not the countries. After you snuck into the CP spot by impeachments.