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People are doing W.T.F. each day. Shouts are filled to the brim, with people trying to scam or accuse eachother for wrongdoings. Articles are either looking like someone was throwing დიჩოა on the screen or are keeping a classic system - “blame admins for people cheating”..., let’s make something different. 

Votes and endorsements say, that there are people interested into this idea. So now it s time to step in and make it reality. I wonder if we will be able to show an example match in upcoming week? It s up to you. :D

How to Player?


Player start is simple. Just fill the form, send it and you may wait for a contact from the ambitious manager willing to take you to his team! Heck, you may even go classy and decide a bit of your avatar s appearence! :) 

There is only one important thing to make: there Stat Focus.

How to Stat Focus?

Things go like this: Players eRev stats are first translated into points. Then, these points are divided into 4 statistics, according to players decision. These statistics are Attack, Defence, Speed and Stamina.

Here is the thing: On this form you don t decide, how many points you want to give to which statistic. On this form, you decide, how important each of the stats is for you. If you will treat all 4 stats equally there, you risk ending with a mediocre jack of all stats, master of none player. But well, it s your decision. ;)

The First Match

To show, what it s all about, we need players. That means, to start some more explanation, we need a player pool already.

So, here s the idea. All players, who join the game before the first - example match - will be announced, will get a small boost to their avatars in eFootballution along with another small boost, if you will take part in the aforementioned first match. 

It s a limited offer, which may quickly expire - beware, there are already some rumors about teams forming!


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