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This Starter Pack thing is becoming out of control. There is no point playing this ty game anymore!
Multi-players are obviously using the out of it and admin does not care.
We thought this is game of determination and patience, and now, we see that the outcome of all the battles are determined by cheating.
To make it clear that I am not accusing other countries, I show some examples of my country: IRAN 
For example this battle:
Multi accounts on Iran side: 

In fact for each and every battle of Iran, I see that multi-players are changing the battle, which is not fair. I prefer too loose but by fair and square, other than winning but cheating.
Obviously, the same thing is going on for the other countries?

What do you think we (players who prefer to have only one account and play the game in the correct way) should do? Any suggestions?


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Voted and totally agreed, it is a shame to see that all countries and sides are full of multis, with SP cheating is rewarded instead of punished. And I doubt admin will do something because SP (9.9 ,€) is probably the biggest source of money for the game...
Definitely the cheaters must be banned but SP is not responsible, it helps a lot! Many real players came back to game because it. We need take that in consideration, our community is a lot active and game full of nice battles. They shall just reduce a bit the benefits of SP and also help old players.
Give them strenght and inteligence, but do not give them gold for medals for those 46k strenght and 37k of inteligence. Then, if they do not invest gold in companies and traning grounds, they are multies. When I see new account buying 10k q5 airplanes I know that is multi 100%. But ofc, if they ban those accounts than only old players and real new players will buy SP. No one will buy SP to accounts which they wanna use just for fighing, anymore. So, more bans, less money. Insted of that, they can give some pack for old players for 5-10 euros per month. Maybe there is a chance to earn the same amount of money without ruining the game with multies.
So you guys say that three years passed and nothing changed, eh?
Finally some normal guy
Foryst, my ID is 474, your ID is 475. I m probably a few seconds or minutes older than you. It is a good opportunity to compare our accounts (without and with SP)
Talk more Smile , this three guys is real person and I talk with them every day in telegram Wink , you can report all of them, just pls be fast Smile this one too?
King of the Dark is a 12 years old boy who does not know anything and only wants to win. Dont waste your precious time talking to this boy 👦
A new guy on Iran’s side in this battle: Navas01 is real, too? Stop lying 🤥
+1 the_passenger
@TITUSS, I was shadowbanned by three years cause They couldn t accept the truth. I see no sense in comparing.
Yeah multi are not fair and seems strong too quickly. But truth is that It has been it is and it will be. 😓
I have an idea. What if characters under 100 / 200 / whatever level would earn their medals in a new global currency silver (not gold)? One silver would be the equivalent of one gold (regarding the raising of new companies), however, silver would be excluded from both donation and the monetary market. They could only use their hard-earned medal silver to raise companies only (and downgrading / razing their companies would also yield silver (not gold) for these characters, even if those companies were raised from gold earlier) and for nothing else.
Maybe this could be implemented as a dynamic percentage, i. e. the higher your level is, the more of your medal reward you earn in gold instead of silver, and reaching a certain level would extract you from the Silver System altogether.
Well, let s assume that they are multiesSmile. So what happens to those accounts that are not multi and they didn t make a multi ever but become banned? Is this fair?Why don t these rules apply to everyone?