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Today is a bad day for Eagle.

As you may know, Croatia has been mentioned in the article creating a new alliance :  the rising sun.
Problem is Croatian CP did this alone without taking in account the opinion of his citizens ! 
This is supposed to be planned a will ago since Croatian President told the congress voted NO to a MPP sent by Sweden, another member of Eagle.
And yet again another treason happens, but this time from the CP himself ! This is unacceptable by any Country President and we hope Croatians will fixe up there gouvernement as soon as possible.

Since this happen, a Referendum as been settled and it seems like most of Croatians DON T want to be part of the rising sun. 
Croatia are still welcome to Eagle of course since it s not really their fault if a CP doesn t do his job right. This is a huge abuse of power by ER0sensei who manipulated his citizens and congress to take an arbitrary decision

Eagle are sure Croatia will take this right decision ! 


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We understand Croatia trusted their own CP that also managed to become mod, but now turns out to be biggest snake in game so far that fooled everyone to reach hes own personal goals to get power.
Welcome Croatia, new ally to the win! F**k all nationalistic things and let together conquer Europe and the World! With the other members, ofc.. And for the others: he he, see you on the battlefield Smile Serbians know how to appreciate allies Wink
hail broatia and hail E.A.G.L.E.