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Respected citizens of Pakistan and Iran , 

I am Humayun Mirza , President of Pakistan  asks Iran for 100 gold .




Best Regards
Humayun Mirza
President Of Pakistan


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i Hope Iran will keep there words and also NAP was proposed from Iran
They have the right to break the nap and NE u!Ofc they have to pay u 100 golds!If they do its ok
Each country should've donated 100g to a third party. Now you won't see a single gold.
oooo are you really kiding me ? your cp delete this article ! i have some sc for people ! from now we don't have any Peace and Tw War with Pakistan ! Fight Hard Against You ! Good Luck ! And Again I'm saying you i never signed that and there is no Amir Or kian To Negotiation with you . nap is expired with new cp and new government . You lost your chance . here is amir message
Why you didnt put a period or time for the duration of NAP ? How the NAP will end then ? You will have peace forever ? Smile If there is a time like a month and if Iran attack you before its end , you are right. They have to pay the price as a honor of Iran.
No one contacted me before declaring war law except amir and with amir , it was decided to not have training wars , thus you have to pay 100 golds
atleast a month should me time limit we signed the nap before 24 days , it is not a month yet iran must pay 100 golds to Pakistan
@Steylos That Was TW ( Humayon Accept that ) They Write article yesterday . he deleted article with my messages ( good choice ) Now we have same article again . you know there is no period time , i just think it's better for pak that we have TW but they want Real War ( they are in war with Japan - Iran Ally ) So They are going to delete from map by japan and iran for they articles , their lies . i say again that nap is expired with new cp and government .
IRAN CP IS SCARED Now he is threatening Pakistan you have to pay 100 gold , i never accepted TW war with Iran.
i'm asking you homayon mirza ( CP of Pakistan ) Why you deleted this article Yesterday ?
so if you never accepted my tw , why you said ok in message to me ? :/ right few min after declare war you can say no and we will get ( - ) to our Declare and every thing stay like first
Hi all, I wonder that Humayun publish this article again, He published it yesterday and when he saw his wrong, he remove that article and PM to our CP. but now he publish it again Smile I explain in next CM about this war
about 2 week ago Mirza PM for TW but we had war with Georgia so we decide do TW after end of war with Georgia. 5 ago I PM Mirza for TW and he said me if Iran pay all of the cost Pakistan will accept.first I reject it but when I saw all of our new ppl want TP war we decide pay all costs and make TP war for our ppl. our CP pm Mirza for that. you can see all SS in Pouch CMs
@Amir stop explain to him ! he delete this yesterday and said i respect you and iran and i want respect then he write message that speak with japan for peace ( he think i'm stupid and pakistan war is my war or he is my ally , i give him answer ! ) now we have same article . so i just want answer what this article means ? i'm stupid or his ? that is question players should aswer to this . i never write cm on this article and new government have no nap with pakistan or mirza or anyone esle !
mirza please Shut up Smile Your eyes are healthy? Look again nap, in nap something about time nap written Is not any BREAKING OF NAP There is not so please Shut up,it's better that you reach to your multis Laugh
No one contacted me before declaring war law except amir and with amir , it was decided to not have training wars , thus you have to pay 100 golds. all IRANIANS ARE LIARS
Sorry man, the NAPs have a duration and if it doesnt especified the NAP ends in the moment who signed arent in the gov. And you said: "Yes, Pakistan and Iran can also have battle at same time" So, connect your brain with your letters. Have a nice day.
Mmm...Mirza you are really bad lier, cheater, scammer and everything else . . . You fucked this game all ppl knows with multi golds, scamming, lying,..... everyone knows! everyone!
hey Humayun Mirza, This content requires Media Player 12.2 update. Would you like to install now?
@KBaz :: do not save iran now :: they have to pay 100 gold and i am not a scammer and i have only 1 account on my ip. do not be jealous
Mirza if you wanna to delete your country feel free, **** our nervous more then you will delete soon. You lying to everyone, Our nap expired because government changed, ofc you talking with our ppl about TW and we did it but seems you wanna cheating us! so You have to delete again just because no one like to play with cheaters,liers,....
@KBaz : you are liar , cheater and scammer , you braked nap , you have to pay 100 gold , do not threaten me , i did not talked to any one about TW
@Mirza I never Pay You 100 Gold For Break NaP Because There is No Nap For Me . You Should Respect Iran But You Had Bad Choice and Good Luck . i still saying that nap was expired with new cp and government . This Article End . Pakistan Life End . Good Map Without Pakistan Soooon Smile) .
God lead liars to hell. I promise you(Humayun Mirza) asked me about 2weeks ago for training war. Pakistan must delete till liar,cheater are their cp. I'm sorry for you!
And mirza everyone knows what you did before so this time no one help you. no one sell their damages to your multi golds.....
who is liar : !!! Mirza you are Insulting Iran and Persian people and will see result of that! I'M WARNING YOU STOP LYING
i know every iraninan will say me liar. but i will tell that nap was still active and you have to pay 100 gold , ask moderators , i donot have multi accounts. iran , KBaz and pouch are big liars in whole world I respect Amir , he is a nice man but he is saving iran.
Thanks Amir. That shows everything . Mirza go hell pretty legit for me
Pakistan needs little democracy. We are incoming! 0/
I Hope admins Collision Humayon Mirza He Insult Iranian People In His Comments . Where is MODS ? ?
again mirza says: you are liar , cheater and scammer , you braked nap , you have to pay 100 gold Laugh this is good Method for Escape from accountability Laugh