What is the situation in our small country Bulgaria

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 Our friends Serbians told us that they will help us in the battles with Turkey and they told us to make a rebellion in Vidin so we can close the border for Turkey and Serbia and prevent one war that could happen, we tried to make it but they didn t helped us... First time they wore making excuses because it was too early and they didn t have people, and there wore people... Today they excused with that they don t have damage and there are a lot of battles, I can calm them down that if we can get Sofia free or Vidin they will have one more battle every day because we don t want to be neglected every time we are seeking their help not for the first time and we lose gold and MPP s and other stuff ! We wont be in a alliance with liars when they have battle they cry in all the chats but when we need help we cant even see them... Thank you for the help Macedonia, Japan, Spain, Indonesia and Hungary thank you for the help again from today on Bulgaria is not in an alliance and will fight against Serbia every day !!! Let them think they won a big battle today, Regards :)



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I wish we could fight with Bulgarians together. I respect their efforts, they are very close to our people and we love them like other Balkan countries. Respect Bulgaria !
20m overkill at Greece battle, I guess they didn't have damage for spare indeed xD
Sad to read this, but, what else u can expect from Bulgaria than backstab... U didnt talk whole day, WHOLE DAY I ASK who needs help and where, than in last 3 minutes u show up, and DEMAND help. Where u was at meeting last night? Now go and make deal with Turkey, and start attack against Serbia, thats all we always expected from u...
Bulgarians backstabbing again xD
I do not support this statement and will vote against such law.
I must become president ...
Mmm. So why we wasted our damages for Bulgaria(for 60days since Nexus until now)?
"there are a lot of battles"
Serbia and Bulgaria have the best possible relations. Sincere friendship from the beginning of the game. We know that Bulgaria is the most affected by the all, and it will be soon corrected. What are you now put forward is only your opinion, not Bulgaria. If you think that Turkey and Greece your larger friends of Serbia you're crazy .They are credited as Bulgaria broken and it is located in such a position. I promise the people of Bulgaria that will try to be released soon. Do not make the mistakes that will cost you dearly and lose true friends.
I want to apologize from the name of our cabinet we have nothing to do with this we are totally blind with what is our CP doing.
hahahaha to lame Smile))))))))
@BATASHA if you know sonoftangra ask him we have no offense against bulgaria they attacked us and until last days they even didn't ask for the NAP so we were not credited bulgaria as broken but themselves, just stop manipulating with "turkey and greece are bad" thing
i want everybody to calm down we wont let this to happen I cant stop him to make laws or anything like this but I wont give a chance for a law like this to pass PLEASE read what i and Sturmmann Batbaianov have typed ! BULGARIA IS AGAINST THIS !!!!
!Y yo que me compré una licencia para vender en Bulgaria, que soy muy listo, y ahora me la puedo meter por el culo! 'No te lo perdonaré jamás, Manuela Carmena. Jamás'
backstap from bulgaria hahahahahaaha thats whats serbs think. look dude sers are always isued to have puppets they never helps anyone Laugh
Serbia never helped anyone? LOL Laugh
Serbs are terrified about losing bulgarians Smile
It is not true that Serbs have been secretly giving gold to the Bulgarian CP to stay erased! SIMPLY NOT TRUE!
http://www.helleniccomserve.com/images/balkanswwipc.jpg what else to expect from Bulgarians Laugh
Bulgarians and kebaps brother 4eva haha
Тута Бугарин....
"Do not make the mistakes that will cost you" lol threats from real friends Smile We offered you nap, you didn't accept it.
Res, non verba! Thru actions of Bulgarian players, citizens and soldiers, we will see what is Bulgarian attitude toward Serbia. It is truth that Serbia would like to see Bulgaria side by side with Serbia, as allies and equal in everything, but if Bulgaria decide otherwise- oh well.... your game, your play Smile About help from Serbia, problem in Bulgaria was in small activity and bitter organization, Serbia cant help you if you do not help yourselves. Our MoFA was numerous times on chat seeking for Bulgarians to organize battles, but there were just a few players trying to achieve smth, and not much soldiers were online for fight. During the NAP Serbia had with EAGLE, Bulgaria was not much active and we decided to fight in battles were peoples actually care will they win or loose, and we decided to help Macedonia, Ukraina, Canada, Japan...Spain.... If Bulgaria really wanted help and really wanted to try to achieve victory - we could try to organize. But such thing didnt happened. Player Babo was asking numerous times during a day yesterday does anyone need help and what the predictions of needed dmg are- nobody from Bulgaria came for whole day, and then in last minutes of our battle against Greece Bulgarian comes...thats not the way to do things. Serbia remember Bulgarian help in first days of first great war in game, and we would not like to loose you, but nevertheless we would really like to you guys start organizing better and start helping yourself first, so others could help you as well. Respect.
When Serbs Ukrainian have 3-4 fights, Bulgarians have only one, why do you weep?
Bulgarians backstabbing again xD
kako ide ono, trinaeste trinaeste bugar udario.. cetrneste cetrneste srbin pobedio.. nista novo izgleda... Maybe instead of backstabbing Serbs again (in RL and now in game), as Marcus said, try to organize bit better, you cant have Serbia fighting for you if you will not fight for your selfs.
CP is noob, even his MoD said so....
Shismanoglu Dynasty and Asens be like this :d
Ally with Turkey and enjoy! Laugh