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Good morning fellow eAmericans in order to increase participation and awareness I have decided to finally write an article about eRev party radio. Its being a while and I wished I had time to write articles about what is happening from politics to warfare but in life it is hard to balance everything so for sometime you may not see articles, Which is why this radio was created it was created by sar97 and arith because of the lack of radio in erev and the declining population of a game which we originated from we decided to create this radio to encourage citizens to  ask questions directly to the President of eUSA and also to inform our citizens about the current affairs of great nation.

However due to some issues Sar97 will not be hosting the show for a while and we recently got a new Co host and his name is dk3knight aka chris.  This show will be held every Saturday at 7 pm  Mountain Standard Time (MST), 8 pm  Central Standard Time , 9 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) . 
This a rather small article expressing the history of the radio show and also our objective to bring the news in a fun and unbiased way. So If you have any questions or any song request please comment below and please join the chat in the #erev-usa channel.

Also enjoy the radio show below :)



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Arith for the win! Its time for eRevolution Radio OH YEAH!