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Hi everyone!

After a successful introduction of the eRevollution for Dummies series, I am proud to present the second part of this instructional series: the definition and explanation of the term "Global Training War"

The easiest way to understand what the term Global Training War means is by presenting an imaginary example:

Step One: Euro-Asian Fun!

Step Two: Cleanse the Americas Through and Through!
In this imaginary example (see above), the new global Alliance: the Rising Sun

consisting of the following core members: Serbia, Croatia, Serburai Japan, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Spain, Iran and Argentina (and several alligned countries, like: Hungary, Czech Republic and various Serburai colonies like Canada)

decides to erase the rest of the World through a global friendly TW, aimed at achieving the optimal amount of TP!!
As you can see, EAGLE is no more, NEXUS is no more, USWE will be no more, the Baltic Forum will be no more - it will just be: GTW, courtesy of the Rising Sun.

Tnx for reading! See you in the next edition of the eRevollution for Dummies!

Lord Marlock.



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No more ALL....only BEER moreLaughLaughLaugh....
Mnogo crvene boje Cheeky
'Baltic Forum will be no more' No no no no, countries will fall, alliances will fall but the Baltic Treaty will last through the ages haha
as a citizen of eArgentina, idk what is going on xDDD o7 & v
If all those countries be ally we dont need to play anymore ^^ Who will resist against them ?
wait second series and still no boobs ?
oh! I forgot about those, ok, third part will cover the topic: Boobies for n00bies
تقبل الحقيقة يا قوم ... حان الوقت للتحالف الجديد كي يبدل وجه الأرض .. يحيى "الشمس المشرقة" ... ههههه
Moers +1 Laugh
Moers نعم نعم Laugh
hnjohnjohnjo Laugh Laugh
marlock savage no.1