Balls of steel

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first of all ! I am back Bitches ! 


during (almost) world war against hungary... Georgia was fighting against false member of anti hungarian team ! ( I think it was not alians)
finally we defeated one of friend of hungary... and sighned nap ! 

can you guess what happand after this ? yes ! hungary sent his puppet Bih to finland ! (everyone knows that finland is part of Georgia! )

against hungary was fighting at least more than 1 country ! but hungary is still on high ! Respect ! buuut.... as I see hungary is fucking scared about Georgia ! and want that Georgia had no time for tham ! ... cause hungary knows that sooner or later our revenge will reach out to him ! 

now I show just screens, the conclusions are on you ! who is fighting and who is farming ! ... p.s. hungary still has NE on finland :D lol :D 







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Hahahshaha is 1 april? Satelit drzave botovske drzave Gruzije je:Finska,Izrael ??
Bla bla bla our Genglish is still better than yours Laugh
no homo o7
no home indeed o7
You are retarded Laugh
Well, there is always german along with friends Wink
I didnt understand, and I cant see the images, but Pidbula is my dear brother and I support his message no matter what o7 yeah, farmers Cheeky