Rage at the Chat

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Good Day, Fellow Humans! I am here to explain to you my least favorite part about this game

This weekly paper is becoming somewhat of a daily paper, but at this point, I do not think I can hold out my rage, so here it is:

Generally, when a city is built, first the main infrastructure is created, then maybe some roads, walls, and then, the city wants to expand, and so the first problem comes in: what do we do with the walls? Problems like these happen all the time in growing communities, and it takes time and effort to completely fix the problems, so generally, they are just put aside, and they become rotted symbols of chaos, where laziness triumphs over perfection.

Here, I have found the same thing. The main chat. At the beginning, it was probably an easy way to hold a group conversation without PMing. Now, it is filled with traders hawking goods, or newspaper writers screaming S4S!. Why can t we make this chat area a place where you can just have a discussion about your other favorite games, or your new idea to have all of the country s military units attack the same enemy? why? well, I shall explain.

Imagine a game of eRevollution where everything has happened exactly like this. Now imagine a person with 5000 Q5 Helis. That person needs to pay his workers, and needs to sell his helis. So he ll advertise. Other people like him will advertise as well, that completely destroy the system. Of course no one will advertise.

So my suggestion is this: If someone makes a Job newspaper, where they detail all sorts of sellers and their prices, here is what will happen: the guy with 5000 helis, paying his workers 10 bucks a day will pay the Newspaper Entrepreneur 5 cash, say, and vote up his paper. The Newspaper Entrepreneur will release an article, up voted several times by different sellers. That will reach top news, and clear out the chat, giving Newspaper people some extra money in the process.

Now, of course, to all of the mods reading this, you COULD just make a patch that can let sellers hawk their wares somewhere on the side, or even an advertisement feature, where some citizens get banners detailing the peddlers who decide to use this feature. Whatever.

Thank you all for reading. I think this is very important, so PLEASE vote this article. Thanks, and have a nice day


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I'm a MOD. I will give this to the admins since it does seem like a good suggestion Smile