[UPDATED] ADMINS, recomendations. RWs?, DS ?? Weekly Challenge??

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It is obvious to everyone, that over time the game becomes boring, especially if the admins are not focused on injecting some fresh air.

That s why i bring you some ideas that could be implemented.

1.- Weapons and companies. (no more naval battles)

Let s make only one type of weapons, from Q1 to Q7
NO LIMITS for companies for the love of God

2.- Strength and intelligence.  (no more naval battles)

Only Strength.

3.- Long distance attacks  (no more naval battles)
The President has the option of starting an invasion to a distant land (Immediately and without warning)
Cost to the country s treasure: 1500 gold 1st time (3000 gold the 2nd time .. and etc.)
Reset to 1st time each month


4.- New sense for the equipment + Drop of items + Crafting menu

You can have new equipment with skills
You can craft and upgrade your own set (Q1 to Q5)
Diferent player levels, diferent skills


In battles, for each hit there is a possibility of dropping different materials, and can be used to craft equipment.
Depending on the type of bonus in battle, there will be a different type of special drop
You can upgrade your equipment with some kind of element and gold
You can sell some special set, or by parts.
Set usage restriction depending on level  (lvl 1 to lvl 200 // lvl 201 to lvl 400 // lvl 401 to lvl 600)
The sets will have durability, when they reach 0 they will have no effect, but they can be repaired.
eRPGvollution (?)

(yes i am in drugs)

5.- Sell special packs each month

With items related to the sets.
Damage bonus
Energy recharge Bonus
Energy bars

6.- DS system

DS can not be set in COLONIES
DS in core region 10%
DS in core region near to capital 20%
DS in capital 35%

7.- Travelling 

No gold needed
Every day: 1st travel 100 energy, 2nd 200 energy, 3rd 300, 4th 400, 5th 500 energy.
When day change, reset to 100 energy.

8.- Countries can buy BOOSTERS for citizens 

Damage: 200g for 5% of damage x 1 day
Energy:  200g for +500 energy x 1 day
Recovery: 200g -30 seg for energy recover

9.- No more gold from multies?

Limit the gold ammount that can be donated??
Free licenses to buy from market in countries with MPP??
Buy a license to buy in other country just 5 gold so we can use market more easily??

10.- Changes in RWs ?

1. Damage bonus for the conquered country, depending on the number of days under occupation.
1st day 0% damage bonus
2nd day 1% damage bonus
3th day 3% damage bonus
Max = 10% damage bonus
This bonus only for conquered country citizens 

11.- New weekly challenge??



sorry for my bad english :P

If you have any other ideas write it in the comments  :P


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Good ideas.. I support o/ Maybe also to implement some special country weapon booster that will cost example 1000 gold for level 5,, 200 gold for level 1. And that booster reduce DS on opposite side for example 30 minutes..
1. yes 2. yes 3. maybe 4. hell no, we do not need Diablo2/e-s.i.m. hybrid 5. no
DS can only be activated when defending core regions
- The players can train Str or Int each day, only one stat, no both.
I honestly dont like first 2 ideas that you say. There is already game like that
@El Tito idea is good too. For example, current total str and int can be redistributed. That will allow countries to focus on naval or land. Or to make some balance..
...or DS lowering the attackers dmg with 5% in non-core regions, with 10% in core-regions, with 25% (current settings) in neighbouring regions of capital and with 50% in the capital... or do anything else what makes the game more interesting, but no taking things away what people spent their golds during the years for...
Best option for DS is to have some health pool - can whitstand set amount of damage or number of hits and then it is destroyed. Number of hits is prob better, cause amount of damage is changable as days pases and accounts become stronger.
If admin wants to make game more fun, why not first and most important to change map where no country should have more than 2x number of regions than any other ?
Intellihelle be true left festival urvits
Urvitas ro ots is natural Mecanical is irtual a greather novody boths
1) The only serious improvement would be to make ORGs for the MUs. Now the MUs are mostly useless -only for the DO- and do not create a good social relation. 2) The REVOLUTIONS must have the power to create NEW STATES!
I have one propose -kill the game
From what I can see I can tell only one thing: author of this article must have been on drugs when he wrote it.
totally true
You can add Level Mission and reward For exam Lv 100 mission make 1k hit with weapon and Reward 100 str - 10 Energy Bar Lv 200 mission make 2k hit with weapon and Reward 200 str - 20 Energy Bar vsvsvs
Bonus of the two full countries wins 150% bonus when the winning match explodes losing bonuses? Immediately release all energy button
1)Rw battle should provide dmg increase(lets call it will of fre.e.do.m).2) Ds should stay but with different % depending nonecore, core and capital... Attaking side should suffer from decrease of power,should waste more, it is main rule of any war mostly 3) make NAP as a low where you can fill in period (for example from 2 weeks up to 2 month maybe) once signed countries cant dw each other 4) make country prio, that will be set by cp or mod like we set DO, every one who fights where country prio is set will gain extra % of dmg