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I came back a few days ago and today administration offered us a survey
My answer is NO! NO! NO (maybe yes)!
I dont want eRev2 here!
I dont want my work (medals) to be removed!

I want better battle desk view!
I Want more regions!
I want more thinking tasks!
I want to tasks need more calculating, planing, thinking!
Game creators need good creative team and developers!
Game needs more ads, more people, more stability!
In such a game, more players will stay here and earn a lot of money,
dear administration o7

If you agree me VOTE article

Sincerely I,


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maybe you are right but new system new energy new people thats what people need Smile not same old crack with almost dead community, if u love erev u must evolve
in pool isnt new things Smile)
The proposed system is neither new nor does it contain a spark of energy. It leads to lethargy just like at Erev2. For renewal you need truly new ideas - like there at e-dom - not long discredited tinkering.
At least, they made us discussing about the game 😁 Possible... A good update
Voted, there are lots of things admin should do before messing with the entire thing. A small thing I want is to see how much raw I have in the companies page without needing to enter the storage page. If I am playing by phone, it is always annoying to change to the other page after setting the workers to each company, losing the entire selection of companies. Btw, I am sure that the amount of medals each person has will be decreased, since for admins ``the worst problem of erev is the excess of Gold``...
no ---- noooo ----- nooooo *maybe* -----------
No no nononono
I also have answered no, no, no..