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One Button Illusion | Day 61 | Issue 9

Dear readers,

After a series of ridiculous articles, and after having served a term in the Croatian Government, I am finally free to sit behind my newspaper desk, and ponder over the global events.

Before I begin...

If you haven t already, do check this article out - a great erev tool and excellent erev irc bot.

Oh, btw, Kylo, about those questions you have been asking me for the past few days, in this article you will find all the answers that you need.

Global Re-Positioning

In the east, a powerful alliance is converged through the virtue of the Japanese -  the joint forces of Taiwan, Ukraine and Indonesia have divided the Asian continent among themselves, and now seek means of spreading outwards ... including Argentina, Taiwan, South Korea, and, among others, Mexico - which is a peculiar thing, having in mind their (Japanese) early attempt at conquering the US has failed, but they are likely (despite the NAP) to continue to campaign - the question remains: will Mexico engage? Similarly, even though EAGLE and Sweden had their differences (jimmy86, stop hitting for the enemies!!), EAGLE had the priority battle placed on the Swedish side when pushing the Ukraine out of northern Europe.

This powerful alliance bears no name, no insignia, no recognizable attributes. It s not NEXUS - NEXUS was destroyed by EAGLE, leaving Serbian women happy in the arms of Croatian soldiers. So I will simply call it: the Serburai Alliance.

The Serburai Alliance

You may wonder what does this name represent and how did I come by it. In order to understand what I am taking about, take a look at this photo taken earlier this week, during the first battle between the Croatian Hun-Aid forces and Hungarian Gulash berserk squad, at the outskirts of what is now commonly referred to as the Crodapest:

Are you ... confused? Well, you should be. But not really.

The term Serburai refers to a rather strong and powerful group of RL Serbs who are living in the in-game Japan, dominating its culture and kindergartens, ja! They profess the ancient way of Bushido, but in a Serbian way, thus adding a touch of folklore and a particular hat(ie hair) style, very popular in the certain regions of Balkans (one, to be precise).

They also are, in a way, a friendly PTO force, ready to assist against both the foreign and domestic enemies alike. Truly a force to be reckoned with, especially if its aims are aligned with that of the HQ - located in Belgrade, Serbia.

And aligned they truly are, as evidenced not only by the signed MPP between the two friendly countries (ie, Japan and Serbia), but also through more covert means. When Croatia first attempted to conquer the gulash provinces, their strike was halted by the swarm of Serbs from Serbia, who tanked heavily on the side of Huns. When the second Croatian strife came about, Serbia, recently having required from the EAGLE eraser event, and having been forced to sign into a NAP preventing her from fighting against the EAGLE members, was unable to lend a friendly hand to the northern neighbors. However, this did little to stop the international banzai swarm of Serburai, who came in numbers greatly outnumbering that of the joint EAGLE force, minus Croatia, the Alliance having greatly under-performed in the battle of Crodapest. Croatia, nevertheless, prevailed, but the question remains, for how long.

The Serburai effect, on the other hand, spreads like wildfire. 
When the Irish decided to wage the war on the side of their friends, the Poles, against Ukraine, the Canadian Serbers (Serbs - Canadian Rangers) engaged the Irish slonchers in the open battle through out the Canadian steps - hitting a devastating blow to the growing Irish Empire. It s funny, though, how the Imperial propaganda advertised the Japanese support of the Canadian Serbers: we are protecting Canada from the Irish. It s funny because the Irish have previously already made a deal with the Canadians, but then the Serbers came into play, signing the MPP with Japan... Nevertheless, the skillful Serburai diplomats have made the Irish CP publicly apologize... in order for Irish Empire to enter into a peace treaty with Japan -  KUDOS to the Serburai wisdom :)

I have to wonder - where was EAGLE during all of this??? Even in their public statement - condemning the actions of the Serburai through Ukraine - they fail to realize the threat coming down from the northern regions...

Other regions of the World are equally affected, as we witness the birth of New Serbanders, Serbi Arabia ... just to mention a few. It is important to point to the fact that such colonies are strategically placed around the Globe, to be used at the pleasure of Belgrade strategists. Sometimes it is funny to see RL Serbian names as the CPs and MOFAs of such countries, like in this example, where Turkey (of all countries, Turkey - recently heavily employed in the annihilation of Serbia from the map) signs a treaty with Serbi Arabia. On the other hand, having in mind how difficult it is to remain a Serbian CP, it is of little surprise that Serbian citizens try elsewhere...

It also appears that, at least in some of the cases, this is not a case of a PTO, but rather, a plain old robbery :)

Regional Alliances - Seriously?

Before I even go into the whole regional alliance non-sense, let s put it plainly: such regional deals can only exists if it benefits the global players, and can only spread if the global players are at their downfall.

And, talking about the downfall, Serbia recently engaged Albania, thus breaking the terms of the NAP Treaty - it remains to be see how EAGLE will respond. If EAGLE continues to exists in the first place - they have had a change of leadership yesterday, but whether this serves to better the Alliance, or whether it was just a move to buy some time, we will now very soon. IF EAGLE breaks down, we may very well see a birth of a new, truthfully powerful global alliance.

In case you are wondering how complex is the current system nowadays, check this article out.

In the mean time, a number of small, regional alliances have emerged.

One such alliance is the so-called 
Union of Western Europe States, consisting of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It however, seems that the French have taken the whole idea a little bit too serious:

By the looks of it, Belgium has literally became a part of France - which, in turn, seems to consider the UWES Alliance = France, and plans to integrate other (un)willing neighbors into its Napoleonic semi-empire, with Spain being placed at the mercy of French guns, which seem to love to fire, even if for the honor of the Portuguese :)

This, however, has not prevented the pink vikings from seeking MPPs with the UWES - maybe they are just desperate about their color? Ragnar (King of Vikings, Denmark, the Pink Domain) calls it the United States of Western Europe (US and WE) - if he can get England interested, maybe they could call it: US and WEED ?

At the same time, France serves under the EAGLE banner, although some people have recently pointed out to the fact that the Serburai Alliance is making serious attempts to gain foothold in the Western Europe through covert means. A stab in the back, or back in the stab?

A fair better and more reasonable solution is the The Baltic Economic Project, consisting of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, aimed at enabling mutual TWs and economic cooperation - without any pretense, like in the case above :)

In South America, countries seem to be interested in focusing on other regions, rather than fighting among themselves, and it would have been like this were it not for Mexico - that is currently streaming towards the Serburian shores of influence; and Argentina, that is just too bored not to cause chaos in S. America :)

 of a new S. European ALLIANCE???
(just kidding)

BTW!  Did you know that one of the most influential Serbian players, Babo, is actually a female, and that she has deliberately placed her photo among other photos in THIS ARTICLE - and that the whole Serbian and Croatian communities are stilling guessing which one is hers???

Tnx for reading!
Hope to see you in the next issue too!


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