Admins please FIX!

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Exzibit A

This mission tells me to make 6000 hits for my country

I did almost 2k in this battle at least it tells me I did because I was on the USA side.

I wasted almost two thousand hits in a battle for my country that did not count WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE.

I would like to use this article to implore the admins to PLEASE fix this issue where sea battles fought for your country count as hits for your country?

Let the enlightenment begin!


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Unfortunately, sea battles doesn t count for the mission
Thank you for proving my point Wink
Fighting for your country, fighting in a RW, fighting for allies, naval battles never count. That is not right.
Admin is drunk
They copied and pasted the code from erev2 without adjusting it... and Naval battles are already worse than land battles normally, giving less Gold per hit
I ended up wasting a load of hits in a sea battle too - hugely annoying! It would not be so bad if the parameters of the game conditions were clearly defined in the game wiki - but they are not. All in all - a bad experience which needs fixing!
I do agree that it should be written in task de ion, however this is third season of Quest Hero medal, and this has been in discussion from the season one so if you are active player you should have know this.
Good luck getting admins attention, i got like 7,000,000 votes on my Contract timer/contract log tab and we never heard boo. Your absolutely right though, Naval battles should either count OR a Naval Battle mission should be added. OR It should be Specified in Understandable English with proper grammar that Naval Battles DO NOT count.
Admins are sunk
@kromion Admins go Kerplunk?
Imagine the admins fixing anything. That ll be the day.
Sea battles don t count for missions, I said that last event and nobody cared :/
As advice in such fights: after the first 1-2 hits check if it is counted before continuing
Again with everyone reading this article I did not specifically intend for the hits to count I am very STERNLY arguing that it SHOULD!
This is prejudice against semen and naval battles!