Avatar Design Contest, finished!

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Greetings people of Japan and eWorld!

Japanese Military Unit Amaterasu is going through reorganization. So while we are at it, we also wish to refresh our old avatar frames for the MU.

So, Amaterasu announces Avatar Design Contest to begin!

1) Contest will last for 5 days until day 66 02:00 eRev time
2) The chosen design will get a reward of 30 gold and a contract with our MU for future projects, new additions, and changes.
3) Avatar frame must only cover the lower part of the avatar (Like the current Amaterasu frame)
4) Avatar must contain the name of our MU Amaterasu
5) You also need to create an MU logo corresponding to the avatars.
6) Your creativity is endorsed thus we haven t given any specific requests. Just please have in mind that this is a Japanese unit.
7) The winner will be announced in our newspapers, and if there were more than one excellent avatars we might give a smaller reward for the ones that aren t winners and they will be showcased in the newspapers as well.
8) Send your designs to me via ingame message.


We have decided the winners of this contest:

Synhro receives first prize and we will use his avatar for the MU.
We know that his avatar was circular in design even though we wanted just a bottom half but the avatar was so good we couldn t pass on it



Second place goes to xemma, who will also receive a reward since his avatar was the best among those who followed the guidelines.


We also want to thank everyone who entered the contest and submitted their works!

Commander of Amaterasu Military Unit,



Comments (11)

So, you want a design like ours ? x)
@Dorian Grey No like Persian army Laugh Vote
Why change? I like this one x)
We should make a logo too ?
5) You also need to create an MU logo corresponding to the avatars. - yep
is the current one themed from okami?
wooah 30 gold $_$ i want participate but don't have time to create that :s
Another awesome work by synhroSmile Must state that our avatars were made by him as well and we're really satisfied by his work o7