faulty missions

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... check the screens... I ate a lot more than 3 LKs:

https://prnt.sc/q4i7j2 this mission isn t working... I ate 10+ LKs and it stil counted only 3 

after I tried only land battles:

no it does not: https://prnt.sc/q4ia72 and after I ate a LK: https://prnt.sc/q4iabp



I want my LKs back...


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I want too. 7 lifekit lost
Same problem here. Used 3 q3 and 2 q5 life kits but still at 0/5
Same problem here. used 2 q1 and 3 q2 life kits but it is still at 0/5.
Seems like mission 30 is bugged as well...
for mission 30, navy battle don t count