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Good Day.
This is the DSP Weekly, one of the DSP national party s (relatively) weekly newspapers.

In today s issue, the discussion will be about how to fine-tune your eRevollution account. This is aimed at starting players If you appreciated this, please leave a tip, (verbal or monetary), 

1.) Work before fighting.
This may seem like a very obvious issue, but in fine tuning, it is the first thing that comes to mind. That extra damage does to your XP, your true patriot medals, and the war s damage. Heck! even the work and train box is above the Daily Order box.

2.) Get 2 Q1 food Factories for your starting Grain farm.
First of all, it s on one of the quests, the point is to not waste your money on the second grain farm. Here is how it works: Q1 Food is 1:1 equal to grain. It also gives 2 energy per loaf. Your starting factory gives 250 grain, which is equivalent to exactly 500 energy. One food factory can only process 200 food a day, so with 2 factories, you will be using the second factory only every 4 days, but at least you will be getting a perfect average of 500 energy a day. Then, even if you run out of energy, you can buy grain on the market, and work it into food on all of the other days, as opposed to buying pre-made food for a higher price.

3.) Upgrade to the 35 gold warehouse as soon as possible
This is the first tip on this article that isn t obvious. In the first 20 levels, gaining levels, and therefore gold, is easy. The workout station costs 20 gold and gives you only a small amount of extra strength, but the warehouse is different. 1750 cash is a huge amount of money, while with the true patriot medals, 35 gold is not too hard to get. Absolutely and surprisingly crucial for storing the spare weapons or the Q2 food stash

If you want me to make more of these articles, comments would be appreciated. Also, it you think that we deserve money, feel free to sponsor this.
thank you and have a nice day



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Great Article! V+S
upgrade Training Grounds
yeah, good point. Although I thought it was too short of a tip to put in there. Thanks for noticing Hrvat