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Hello, folks, since the articles with the results for the quiz went older than 2 days and so they are no more in the Top 5, let`s republish a link for them and a few more info for the questions of our ``beloved`` quiz!

Visit Titziano`s article for the following very helpful information:

- Number of regions with each resource
- Number of original regions for each country (for this, read my article too!)
- Stats for Houses (recovery bonus and reduction in recovery time)
- Stats for each kind of factory
- Missile damages

HarleyQuinn`s article show the answer for several questions, give it a look too!

Also a few more things:

Quantity of laws a President can propose:
- 20 laws if elected by elections, 5 if elected through impeachment.

World's largest technology company
- Apple

New stadiums built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa:
- 5 (the others were existing stadiums which were reformed for the cup)

Price to open a party in Gold
- 40

First iPhone to have a motion coprocessor:
- iPhone 5S (source: )

And the rewards for 18 and 20 answers:

18 answers:

10 Employees
250 Food Q5
1 Life Kit Q3
3 Missiles Q3

20 answers:

15 Gold
50 Energy Drink
1 Booster Q4
10 Missiles Q5
1 Life Kit Q4

IMPORTANT: if you have more answers to hard questions write them in the comments and I will add them to the article!

Good luck to everyone in our wonderful quiz!


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v7 thanks for your labors dear
Damage of missile q2 = 2.6 mill
And I forgot to answer the quiz yesterday LaughDDD
Does it actually matter how many questions you answer correctly? Do you get better rewards if you answer all the questions correctly??
@Kendo, yes, when I got two questions wrong I got worse rewards. I will put the 20/20 rewards in the article
Which tech company made the Megadrive and Dreamcast dames consoles? Sega Which film starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro? This Boys Life Which of following club is from Spain? Granada (This is probably not a very hard question.) Vietnam won its very first medal in 2000 in what event? Taekwondo
Tetris was originally released in which decade? :: 1980s
Which country has more than 15 regions? Not India but IRAN! Which actor traveled with the circus at the age of 15 and was a tamer? Not Christopher Walken but CHUCK NORRIS!