eRevollution for Dummies Part I Traning War

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Hi everyone!

In today s article, I will teach you what the term training war means! I hope that many Hungarians will read this carefully and relax.

Let us begin.

Before I begin, I would just like to state that the following statement by the Hungarian CP is, most likely, only a joke:
By that, of course, I do not mean that they actually had any se... you know.

Oh shut up Kami, you have stopped playing!!

You are messing with my tutorial series, PLEASE STOP OR I WILL HAVE ABRA-BAN-DABRA BAN YOU BOTH!!!

OK... thank you. Now, can we please continue with the tutorial?

THANK YOU KRSTA the Russian!!! Finally someone who understands the importance of unhindered education!!!

Oh, btw, before I forget, I am willing to bet 200g that this is fake as well!

I mean, not what the Hungarian CP is stating in his About me profile, but, somehow, the whole thing looks strange to me... I don t know.

Yes... eeehhmmm... thank you Argrob for your comment, we value your opinion... geezzzz

SO, the training war!

Now ...

... wait, what? Excuse me? Krsta, did you say something?

Ok, I have no idea wh.... eehhmmm... ok, soooo... you hug them, ok, that s ... good, I guess.... soo... what happens next?

.kb KrstaVB. AAAAAAnd it s gone!!!!

The Training War

And welcome back! We apologize for the interruptions!

The training war is most easily defined as a series of successive battles aimed at rapidly changing the color of inter-connected regions, whereby one color dominates the surrounding regions. And, it s fun!

Let s take a look at the following example:

Stage 1: the training war has not yet started:

Stage 3: The Training War is finished:

As you can see, the red color has dominated over the green color, as it should, and as the natural order of things dictates.

But, you are probably wondering - whatever happened with the Stage 2?!

Well, you are right - this is were all the fun happens! This fun is usually described as a TP level fun. The TP level stands for TOTAL PARTY!!!!!

Let s look at the following Stage 2 example:

As you can see, everybody is having a great time! And, really, it s not even that expensive!

So, Hungarians, Krstas and all other nations and narodnosti out there, have training wars, have TP fun, and remember:

Oh yes, I almost forgot, two people asked me to shout out something for them in my newspaper, so here it goes:


You know what Kami...












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