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Honourable players around the world!

There was a NAP between Hungary and Croatia. This NAP ended at 2016.03.05. After the CP elections there is some speech between the two country, but we don t agreed in anything.

As you might have seen today Croatia attacked a Hungarian region. Because of the missing negotiation, we view this battle as a LIVE war, not Training War.
As you can see Croatia deal 55+ million damage in 3 hours and 30 minutes so Croatia also think that is a live war.

With the biggest respect we ask our allies to fight hard on our side!

Hungarian MoFA


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Is this just a misunderstanding?
Did you sell Croatia a region for 20g?
best wishes to Croatia
Bryce, 200, not 20
Bork... sh..t the f.. up dude!
it is 200gold for granit region
Hail Hungria o7
As commander of Persian army we fight for you Hail Hungary
KBaz o7
Truth about the War to Defend Croatia against Hungary: eRevollution for Dummies Part I Traning War -
Hail Hungria Laugh
As commander of Czech Armed Forces we hard fight for you, Hail Hungary ! Hail Czech Republic !
Southern Great Plain je je stara domovina prvih hrvata prije miljun godina dok nisu odlučili pokrenuti turizam na jadranskim obalama I masno naplatiti švabama dolazak na more Laugh
Czech fighters: o7
Hail Hungary
Persian Army, Japan: o7
As commander of Arabic Legion, we will fight for you, Hungary o7
Thx A.L.! o7