【POTUS】The Treaty of Nebraska

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Greetings fellow Americans,

As you ve heard from the recent articles, our country has sustained a war of three fronts against Japan, Mexico and South Korea. After the events that took place yesterday and the allied victory in Alaska, the government of Japan begun conversations with the government of the USA in order to obtain a temporary cessation of the war between our countries.

After several meetings and conversations between several dignitaries of the involved nations, a feasible peace treaty was achieved.


The Treaty of Nebraska

I - Preamble

In the interest of sustainable peace between the United States of America, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and France, all nations gather in order to sign a peace treaty in the terms described below.

II - Terms and Conditions

1. All American core regions taken in the course of war will be returned to the United States except Arizona.
1.1 USA shall take back the regions via Resistance war or direct attack in coordination with Japan, South Korea and Mexico.

2. USA, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and France agree to not attack each other except in the cases predicted in this treaty.

3.France shall declare war to Mexico for the purposes of gaining a Training War with such nation.
3.1 France shall take temporarily Southeast of Mexico in order to make way to Oaxaca.
3.2 As soon as France conquers Oaxaca, France will return Southeast Mexico to Mexico.
3.3 Oaxaca will be used as a French base to switch attacks between Mexico and France for the purposes of the training war.
3.4 USA agrees to loan Arizona to Mexico during the time of this Training war so that Mexico does not lose the bonus provided by sand.

4. Other training wars may be arranged between USA and South Korea or between USA and Japan as long as the attacks are previously agreed.

5. This treaty has a duration of 7 days, ending on the 14th of March (day 64 erevollution). After the end of this time, all involved nations will gather in order to discuss the continuation of this agreement or its termination.

6. In the event this agreement ends after the condition described in 5. in war, the initiative of the first attack shall be held by USA.

This treaty was also witnessed by Darkwish and Phantom986

The original document may be consulted here: https:// /IDpbmQ

As a sign of good faith, the Presidents of the involved nations will sign this document publicly in the comment section.


Message to EAGLE and the allies


As head of State of the United States of America I would like to send my highest regards and my thanks to all the allies that fought in this war alongside with the United States. You have all stood with us in the times of war and our country shall not forget this acts.

In sum, thank you EAGLE and thank you Cuba for standing and fighting for us.


Honorable awards - Presidential Medal of Fre
As a sign of recognition to the service provided to the United States, I, Abraham Lincoln, 2nd and 3rd President of the United States, hereby grant the Presidential Medal of Fre to the following citizens and Heads of State of the eWorld:


no1cares - http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/906 - United States Citizen
Carapicho - http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/280 - President of France
Kyloren - http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/184 - President of Greece
Mrsharp1219 - http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/477 - US Secretary of State
Alejandro Madrid - http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/561 - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela
Phor Killick - http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/475 - Former President of Poland
Mordor - http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/712 - Vice President of Poland
Darkwish - http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/4113 - Supreme Commander of EAGLE
Er0Sensei - http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/116 - President of Croatia
Miltiados - http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/230 - French Army commander
Tannin - http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/2291 - Croatian Congressman
a herceg - http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/1436 - President of Albania
Brycekelley http://www.erevollution.com/en/profile/248 - Former President of Ireland

Your actions, be it in the battlefield or through diplomacy have helped the United States to keep its integrity and we, as a nation shall never forget your actions.


Thank you and kind regards,


This message has the seal of approval of the President of the eUnited States



Alejandro MadridnakituminayashiMalthaelMonius

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Signed, Abraham Lincoln - President of the United States
Signed.Shiro vEmperor of Japan
o7 Grande y Magno como siempre
Signed. Dalmatae just a player! Wink
Signed. MoFa of Japan
as i'm an honorable citizen, i accept gold, money, weapon, food, everything you could gave me, and i will stay an honorable citizen Laugh I need to sign again ? omg !!! you have to pay my next autograph Laugh Signed by Carapicho, French CP.
Great news! Glad to have peace, and hoping it continues.
Mexico should be wiped from the map for what they did not rewarded with a training war.
Leroy Combs, one thing at a time. Don't think I forgot.
https://youtu.be/4H0Wn5XXtXM well,it was getting fun,but now this is boring. -nobody went well stopped in this war ¿eh?-. See you latter Moderator! http://prntscr.com/act21w .
Bah. I am okay with making peace but this treaty does not satisfy me. Only 7 day duration? It only serves Japan by giving then time to re-organize after recent departure of their one man army and go on a witch hunt. On the other hand, why the hell are we lending territory to Mexico? Okay, maybe they preferred Japs over US, but doesn't change the fact Mexico stabbed a friend in the back. France and Mexican TW? Their own business to deal with if they lose productivity due to it. Good thing I'm not a government official. Laugh. I can QQ all I want.
Thank you for honor me Medal of Freedom I am surprised and I do not know what to say. It's for the glory of our nation HAIL EAGLE
Thank you for the medal! Ireland salutes you! o7
Thanks for the medal abe Sad
Thank you for the medal ! ♥
Signed, CP México Domillones (°. °) 7
Quw cagad4 de pana ._.
*sigh* I'm really dissapoibted that we can't annex Mexico for what they did
Everyone is spifire
Nice going. -.- Why not award Shirogane with that award too, you know EXTRA REWARD for their betrayal. Not even satisfied for a second.
UAE is greatest
No medal for me? Oh well, no help for USA Laugh
@EddieA, Shirogane is not President of Mexico anymore and at this point for several reasons of world geopolitics we cannot punish Mexico. There will be time for it
Thank you. Smile
wow i got medals Laugh what do i get for those ? Laugh
Now I sub & vote your article 134 & 44 GL