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Hi friends!
I want to help! you need a president. I am president))). I thought the program citizens. I propose to declare a law on impeachment, and choose a new president - me. I corresponded with some congressmen, they on the idea. I propose to give the government credit for the modernization of education landfill in Q3 (up to 30 gold). In addition, it is gold, so it knows to be the minimum amount of gold, and the rest - people. Also need bread and weapons. To this end, I propose a corporation. I m going to try to negotiate Indonesia. I will encourage attract new citizen (with pockets) (see previous article). Since I am Ukrainian, we will have warm relations eUkraine.I will try to organize joint actions to strengthen the might of Australia.
Glory to Australia!
Believe in yourself, believe in Australia !!
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Need a President? okay, first you impeach the old one 1 day before CP elections, so that meant no one could be nominated, then you took it upon yourself to take over... mmm very democratic. Before you did all of this, you never used the party shout box, the MU shout box, even the newspapers to explain your reasons... Now you propose a trade embargo with Cyprus... which has nothing to do with Australia. And now your increasing all the taxes.... with no discussion what so ever... mmm for the benefit of Australia or to line someones pockets?
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