CP First Press release and Reform is coming

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Hello citizens of the UK. First a quick thank you for electing me as CP, I hope I do the best job I can and help the UK become a better place.

Now down to business. So far I have had a discussion with the French CP regarding our liberation and he has kindly agreed to still let us have London which I have now arranged and will hopefully start later this evening or tomorrow morning. With regards to the rest of the UK I am still discussing it with the French and I have also messaged the Irish CP to begin discussion there. I will keep you all updated when a deal emerges.


I would like to begin the process of finalizing the economic reform that was laid out last month. These included:
 -setting all import tax levels to 10%
-setting all VAT levels to 5%

As we have seen with food increase that were brought in last month there was little to no effect on prices but the daily tax increased by over 400%. I hope we can see similar results from the other increases and will be looking to propose them throughout the week.

I will also be looking into sorting out some sort of better organised Military Unit which will be funded by the government. This will allow for us to supply our players better.I shall be analyzing the costs over the next few days to see if this is possible.

I will be planning on setting up some sort of CP question time at some point as well, probably during this weekend. More details to follow on this.

I think that is pretty much it for now. I will keep you all posted on whats happening.

Thanks for reading.



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Well done on the article Mr Prime Minister o7
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