Interview of Shirogane

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Hello everyone !
After the interview of KrstaVB who is the new CP of Serbia, I publish an interview of Shirogane, the former CP of Mexico. Can you introduce yourself ?

I m Shirogane,just Shirogane (or Darky to Mexican Players o/) , second CP of Mexico, Traitor and ProFailer o/ What are your plans for this month ?

See México free and choice one side in this world. What do you think about the new update from admins ? (about helis)

 I am not a Visa , just have to adapt to changes and to continue playing. But I find it somewhat unfair for visas , they have spent a lot of money in this game, I think they deserve compensation from the admin. How was your term this month ?

Very funny!, I am a traitor to USA, Venezuela and EAGLE although they are hypocrites (Hello Romania , Sweden !). Sorry USA / Vene- But I have a good relationship with the leaders of several nations , and count on their support , I think my help to stabilize South America served a little. Besides having a war against the United States , to help allies. Good end of the month I guess. What is your opinion about Japan ?

very very very crazy people xD, but good friends :P Why did you have attack the USA and how do you think it will finish ?

Help Japan and SK, just that.... I don t know but it s funny, No Fun No Game!. Have you something to say for japanese players ?

Tienen el total apoyo de Mexico! , aquí puro barrio pesado morros fierro!. Use!. Eat tacos and drink Coca-Cola :P. Sorry for my bad english- xD

La única cosa que odio es que pongan ;) (---- esto , cuando dan sus puntos de vista o sus intentos de troleo.

Realmente me dan ganas de golpearlos hasta bajarles los TG a patadas O/.

I would like to thanks to Shirogane to accept this interview. The next time, I ll publish an interview of KyloRen, CP of Greece.
Kind regards,


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he he nice Laugh o/
jajajaj Shirogane haciendo Fails desde tiempo inmemorables XD
nice Interview, voted Laugh
Siempre con sus mamadas xDD