Erevollution is growing up!!!

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Here I am again.
I don t know, maybe I am so boring to you fellas but I have to write my opinion again.
Like we can see, admin is finally taking care about erevollution 1 and this server again . I m so happy because of that.
I would like to repeat some of my suggestions from last article and add some more.
So suggestions for admin are the next:
1. Please think about make changes on rewards for Gold pack
2. During this war of nations event give us also Lucky dice event with some different rewards on it.
3. I think that will be nice to admit one more strategic building ( this one need to be something about workers)
4. Defense system has to be moderate. It s to much for example 30% for DS5. Let s make some modifications and DS 5 drop down to 20% and others DS following by that drop down to.
5. Change rewards to daily task orders.

P.S. Thank you for last updates and thanks for option for buying supply pack.
Thanks again and let s make some more updates more often .


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We want eRev3 !!!
DS should stay but admin should introduce some new trait ot ability for players which would decrease effectivness of DS. That trait would depend exclusively on actual fighting against ds, so the more hits you make against ds the more reduction you get, for example, every 10k hits againt ds you get 0.1% reduction.
Well that is bad example. It should be more like 10% for 10k hits, or like someone mentioned earlier to completely expires after 20k hits (latter is prob easier for implementing /coding )
What changed? What did admins? NOTHING
i mean more like permanent trait, after certain number of hits you would get permanent immunity at DS reduction, 0.1% for every 10k high is just an example, it could be 0.2 or 0.3%, its debatable.
Helis for battles when you dont attack DS, and Airs for battles when you fight against DS. Same damage, different weapon, different scenario. More business! more strategy!! Laugh
interesting... Don Miguel Grau
v c
Create MU`s ORGs. The only useful thing.