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Everything you are going to read is a joke, dont be so serious.

Thanks to Denmark for give us more fun in this almost dead game xD  o7

Enjoy :D




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Hail Jon Snow!
Good article 😂 but I dont see any peruvian lands free and we still have all pigeons 😂
Free pigeons!!! xD
Good article , come for peruvian bonnus!
hahaha, nice article ^^
Piegons everywhere... good job. we re boring in these days. Have fun
loool Laugh that was good story but far from the real reason
Good job emeğe saygı +rep ve puanım 10 kanka
Good job. Hail Peru o/
Hahahahahaha golubeeeeee 😆
the Vikings want Peruvian pigeon!
Yes 77GIGI77 .. but not so far from reality xD
wow, what an effort , gj o7
yes.. a few hours haha.. thanks o7
Eduardo whenever you write another article please give us a hint we would love to lose Smile
log in log out xD
İ guess all of Kumans Eduardo s heros Wink i liked that guy.
winter is coming
Great article, GREEEEAT article
winter everywhere Smile we are excited
jajjajajajajajajaja no hakonarson no vote ayrıca kumangaard siker ananı ey peru
Jajajaja este pendejo no me pone en la foto ctm donde estoy mrd
Nice effort 😁
v c s
Ahaha very good 😄
good job