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Greetings, folks!

We had a global presidential election this February. I did some calculations over the result to see the status of active community. The results are not surprising, but they show that many countries are dead - but some positive surprises, as a few countries with candidates where I expected none. Let`s see the data now.

We have a total of 76 countries. From these 76, a total of 21 countries had no candidate (including important countries as Canada and Republic of Macedonia, although the latter already impeached admin to choose a President by Congress). On other hand, only 16 countries (about 20%) had more than one candidate - in other words, elections were not competitive for the majority of nations here. Only 2 countries (Bosnia-Herzegovina and Portugal) presented 3 options in the ballot. This in my opinion reflects both the not-so-lively status of this game and the nature of nations here, which resemble more MMO guilds than RL nations with their complex political and economic structure - after all, in these e-something games, everything revolves around wars...

Percentage of countries by number of presidential candidates´╗┐

Number of candidates for each country

About the total number of votes, only 5 countries had 50 votes or more: Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Hungary. Only 24 countries had more than 10 votes in this election (Portugal had the 14th higher number of votes, with 26), and from the 55 countries with at least one candidate, in 12 the number of voters was equal or lower than the number of candidates - including three countries with two options (Belarus, Belgium and Israel). Lastly, we had three countries where even with candidates there was no vote - India, Malaysia and South Africa. So, even the candidate did not voted for himself in these countries...

So, as you can see, the game is not dead - but it is far from lively, specially in small communities. But that is nothing we already do not know...

That is all for now, my little friends! Smell you later!



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Bravo, nice to see some articles.
gj o7
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@Cloro, South Brazil is near enough La Plata xD
Nice work, como siempre! Wink
Is clear that THE POLITICAL PART of the Game is NOT WELL DEVELOPED. The game would much more interesting if some new ideas were implemented in politics. POLITICS is the way that the players could socialize and create COMMUNITIES. The actual implementation is POOR and has NO SENSE, penalizing totally the Game.
@Kromion, I agree, these kinds of games are no more about politics, but simply a guild war where the guild has the same name of a RL country... Social aspects should be improved in many ways too (including ways other games like this one already did)
First nice article i like to see more colourful charts. Second can someone ban this clorosh*t??
@St0L3n Dont call me sh*t :/