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Dear admins,

After some time ped, i decided to write some new article, with new ideas for some updates.

As first update, i proposse to allow creating an Alliance. With this update u will allow all the alliances to have place where they can officially confirm their existence. It will be something like this: Name of alliance, Members, Duration of Alliance (1,2,3 months etc...) Every country member on one alliance, will have MPP with all other automatically. All those which are not part of any allience, will must ask for MPP regular as now.

Second update 
Its a good think that we have TP medal in the moment. But thats already seen, and i propose totally new thing, that none other game have such a similar thing. I propose TA (True Ally) medal. As i said in the previous update, all the members of one alliance will have MPP eachother, and every player will be able to fight for the ally of his country. As a reward, for been such a good ally, i propose this TA medal. It will affect very positive for all players, with the fact they will be able to fight for coutry's allies, and get gold for that. The reward will be same like TP medal, 5 gold.

Third update 
As a third and final update, i proposse same as possibility to create an alliance, to create a NAP (non atacking pact). When two country's want to stop their war, they will have chance to make contract, in which both side's will put their signature. With this update we will have an officiall document, and every country who gonna break that NAP, will be punished. What will be the punishment, its all depends what is in the contract.

Thank u for ur attention,



Portuguese soldier

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Second update Vote!
V + S
TRUE ALLY is the BEST option...
Third update, i already suggested long ago also think it can be nice to have it.
True Ally medal
Good ideas, Voted
Full support for all three proposals. Also, with NAP signing maybe admin- thru moderators- can be judge for the payment of the NAP. So, there will be no way for someone to broke the NAP and not to pay, I think it will make NAP-s more serious agreements then they are now. TA medal- HUGE SUPPORT for that!
Thats the point, admins to judge...
first update: 3 month MPP with the same countrys... hmm could be a problem for some... Laugh second update: i proposed something in another game... i called it hit for friends medal... still a good thing but i prefered to have it instead of the TP medal... i mean everyone is hitting for his country... no matter if there is a medal for it or not... third update: i think i dont get it... you should explain the difference between a peace treaty wich is allready updated and that NAP...
Add 4 update: True Enemy medal. If you fight (on blind, like usually) in the last seconds of the battle against your enemies Laugh
I like the idea of True Ally medal. As for the other ones... Whatever.
Second update,True Ally Epic update!
v+s .. 1st proposal: NAY! if the alliance is being made officially as a new (and forced) mechanism in this game, it will take the fun out of it .. it's like there are only 2 or 3 forces in the game who fight against each other .. 2nd proposal: YAY!!! 3rd proposal: no comment
v+s o7
I already suggest for point 2 from last month and they said "we will consider about it", i just hope it can be implemented.
Nice ideas Smile
I like This 👍
lol...true ally medal exists in other game, for quite a while my friend.
I liks the second one Smile
Биће нешто од тебе.
@rrevan True. It is called faithfull ally medal. I think it is very similar.
Voted. Love the ideas, especially no.2 True Ally Medal. Hope the admins implement community ideas, after all, we the players drive the game Smile
how about you can moving location without using gold but paying with your currency instead ?
personally I think these updates are useless for now. We need strength regulation ASAP! new players are not motivated, they leave immeadiatly. This is the biggest problem right now.
Voted! Good ideas and the third is already used, so keep up with the ideas!