Remove FYROM ad North

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Dear eR Players

Dear admins

Today is a very important day in our history.
From this day there will be no more Republic of Macedonia or FYROM, from now on it will be Republic of North Macedonia,and it will be for Erga Omnes.

Our politicians,congressmen voted for name-changing and with 81 yes 0 against they changed the constitution and law.

There so Admins  can change the name of our country.
We can also now be friends with the greeks and be in the same alliance,as they are the reason for this change.

For more info you will be updated.

Stay tuned.
Sincerally your Severdzan


Long live the Republic North Macedonia




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Remove FYROM ad North
A to je u stvari Juzna Srbija.
Well done! But Plato is not here :p . Also, Greeks and North Macedonian citizens were never enemies. The enemy are the nationalists in both of these countries
Long live the Republic North Macedonia
Until admins dont get on paper that, they cant change anything
Dosta nas ce ovde doziveti i Autonomnu pokrajinu zapadnu Severnu Makedoniju a neki mozda i Juzno Kosovo eventualno Istocnu Albaniju videcemo jos, admini spremite odmah i te šablone
Never North !! Only Macedonia
Delighted to see RL end to this dispute which confused the hell out of everyone else. Welcome to the Republic of North Macedonia to the map
Finally I am waiting from our friends the norther makedonias a peace treaty Laugh
your name erga omnes is Severna makedonija and we must vote in our congress first
Во кој контекст ти е напишана статијата? Ти озбилен си со ова што го пишуваш или....? Никогаш северна,секогаш МАКЕДОНИЈА !!! Била и ќе биде!!!
Now is opened the road for a Balkan Alliance!
Citizenship: north mkd lol