The birth of Centaurs Military Unit

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Dear erevollution community,
It was about time we create something new, something different. So here it is. Centaurs Military Unit is born and already filled with love, equity, strength and wisdom. Here you will find a place that has no borders, 3 brothers to watch over your back and a Military Unit with 3 simple rules:
1) Give everything you ve got for your country!
2) Watch over your brothers!
3) Have a hell of a time!

Anyone willing to play the game as it is, can stand forward. We will gladly accept him in our brotherhood. Here everyone is equal and everyone has voice.

Faithfully yours,
Furious George


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καλη επιτυχια παιδες
Nα'σαι καλα φιλαρακι! ο/
Πάμε μωρέ Κένταυροι!
Καλή αρχή! o7
Δεν είναι για Έλληνες; Ρωτάω γιατί η ανακοίνωση είναι μόνο στην γλώσσα των δανειστών.
καλη επιτυχια
SEIRIOS θα βγει ΚΑΙ στα Ελληνικα αρθρο!
ο7 καλη αρχη!
Να στε καλα αγορια!!!