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Hello everyone !

At the beginning I didn t plan to create a newspaper and publish articles. But we asked me to do it so it s time to start. And I choose to publish interviews with players in the world. Not only japanese players. So I start my newspaper with an interview of KrstaVB who is the new CP of Serbia. Can you introduce yourself ?

Hi, i am KrstaVB, my RL name is Aleksa. I am 22 years old i come from Serbia and i am really friendly guy :P What are you running as CP this month ?

Well alsmost from begin i am inside of Serbian goverment and together with few players trying to make Serbia better place for living and also make a strong country. This month they accept me for new CP because i have time and i want to work. We will try something new so i hope this will be good month :) What do you think about the new update from admins ? (about helis)

First of all when i start to play this and when i saw WEP TENK HELI i was think about 3 walls like in one other game, but then i saw ruls about that. Personally i didnt like that, first because players who can buy gold they can make ez Q5 heli or a lot of Q1 and 2nd if we use gold from country we will spend a lot to make q5 heli or few q1 heli companys and inside of that companys you will make 10-20 helis witch is not enough for country like Serbia ( we have a lot of players). Now they change dmg for all this wep and myb its good but still i dont like that. The best would be to remove tenk and heli from game and we can use only wep, for begin, and then after few months add tenk and again few months add heli. But now its too late for that i think:/ What are your plans for your term ?

Plans, make better economy in Serbia if that is posible, make hospital ( few of them) and also make smo war for TP because my ppl want that :) About wars i dont want to talk now :) Aslo we have very strong players and MU so i will try to make some kind of refund for MU. Daily we have more then 40 ppl on chat who get supplays and fight in last min in some battle. What is your opinion about Japan ?

Japan, strong country :D Well Kami make good job in Japan, you have strong community, strong MU, strong players, good politics and really friendly country. They help a little countrys in wars and i like that :) I hope we will be good friends for a long time :) Some players have bad opinion about serbians, what do you want to say them ?

I think they dont have, maybe because other games, all hate us because we are too much strong in every game. Serbian ppl are very friendly and, i dont know, in war you cant win vs us because we will stand together and fight so hard to protect our country. You saw that on begin 4v1 we had 4 MPP battles + RW battles and still EAgle needed more then 35 days to delete us and they show us big respect because of that. So my personaly opinion is that myb few ppl hate us and i cant change that :D but they will change they mind :P Have you something to say for japanese players ?

Keep fight together, respect allys and enemys, o not get into fights on shout walls and be strong as always :) Serbia is here to help you whenever you need help :)
And to all others players in this game, have fun guyz :)
Also, I m sorry for bad English :P :D

I would like to thanks to KrstaVB to accept this interview. The next time, I ll publish an interview of Shirogane, former CP of Mexico.

Kind regards,


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