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Hello, as you may be aware I am going to be our next CP and while I currently have got an MoD and MoFA I still don t have anyone to fill the other cabinet roles. So its time to build a cabinet:
This joke will always be funny.


So the places that need filling are:
-Prime Minister, this role will mostly include talking to me and congress. I want the PM to be strongly involved with congress members trying to make sure the laws that need passing are passed and try to prevent rogue proposals don t occur.
-Minister of Finance, this role involves daily activity in the form of checking the country balance and then inputting it into a spreadsheet that is already drawn up. Alongside this MoF should be coming up with ways to maximize our budget.
-Minister of Education, this role will be very player focused.I d like the MoEd to be helping new players start up and learn the game. They should also be helping existing players to expand. The main thing I want the MoEd to be doing though is encouraging player involvement. I will try and make sure MoEd is well funded so they can run competitions and anything else that will make the game more enjoyable for us.

So if you re interested in becoming a member of cabinet then please comment below or message me. It will be first come first served so get your place now.

Thanks for reading.


Alex Popovic

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Great article Jny123. Keep it up with good work and regurarly updating articles.o7
good article again Smile feel free to use me