MoF Final Report

2 - Published in United Kingdom - Financial analysis - 4 years ago

Hello as we now find ourselves on election day I thought I would write up a final report on what has happened in the finance area since I started the job.

The country has spent 50 gold on MPPs and no gbp.

This is the only expenditure I could actually find anywhere, we have done very little in terms of spending money.

We have had an overall income of 33 gold and £39.6. I was hoping this would have been a bigger figure but due to being wiped the last 6 days have been rather poor income days. Hopefully over the next month we can get our regions back and with it a good level of income.

A lot less change than I had hoped has happened. I had hoped for a total overhaul of the tax levels but sadly on the Food increase made it to congress. Although just 1 part of the changes I had hoped for it did help yield greater taxes, with an increase of over 400% after it come into effect.

That has pretty much been everything that has happened since I became MoF. I hope I haven t done to bad a job and look forward to doing it again someday.

Thanks for reading.



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thanks for the read.
Great job you done as MoF Fine MoF report article.Keep it up in the future. o7