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Admin just announce  Changes and new balance in the game , for more detail visit :

Refer to subject of the new balance in the game , in the past Admin never admit there is bug on the Q1 heli and has ban selling the Q5 company.
Based on the latest changes, Did Admin indirectly acknowledge on this bug? I let the audience to decide.

The latest change is on the damage for the weapon , tanks and heli .  I have prepared the table between cost vs damage as per below. 
Now, you only need to spend 100 gold for wep Q3 to have same damage of heli Q1.  BUT  you will need less raw material for wep q3. 

** For new players who do not know how to get Q1 Heli with 10 gold only , this was indeed possible BUT sorry now no longer possible :)

Personally I believe player who has spent big chunk of RL money, will write love letter to admin, maybe demanding refund ?

Please vote only - no need to subs :)

Thank you


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mahal -.-
Mahal bingit damagenya...mantab om analysis nya
V .. this will greatly affect Q1 heli prices on the market
dari artikel Admin .. Update 2: Due to very negative response from the community, the change to the damage multiplier has been canceled. Promotion for building companies and upgrading them for next weekend will still happen.
wah gag jadi yah.. padahal enak itu pake weapon murah meriah sakit. hahaha