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Hello everyone,

CROATIA started talks with SLOVENIA from eDay 1000 about rental agreement between two countries,
I m glad to announce that SLOVENIA allowed us to rent 2 regions from them: deer (Styria and Carinthia)
and oil  (Lower Carniola

Terms of Rental Agreement:

1. CROATIA will DoW SLOVENIA on day 1006 
2. CROATIA and SLOVENIA will make NAP on day 1009 till 1040 
 erevollution eday
3. CROATIA will take regions from SLOVENIA - deer (Styria and Corinthia) and oil (Lower Carniola)
4. CROATIA will take regions and will pay a certain amount in gold that was agreed with the Slovenian government + will give 2/3 refund.
5. SLOVENIA will not start any RW in this regions and will fight for Croatia if some rw will be started.

6. Both side will be agree, in rental agreement will be allowed editing and adding terms of this agreement,

This Rental Agreement will last 1 month with possibility to extend. - so till 1040 erevollution day

This agreement will sign CP of Slovenia and CP of Croatia



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Sign !!! CP Croatia
Bravo asseco o7
sing !!! CP slovenia Smile
revenger81, I am glad that you are sing-ing, but know that Germany will always pay at least 1 gold more Wink
Peaky, you are spooky as always
Laugh Laugh Laugh
What is that word ammounth in paragraph 4?
a certain amount of gold ahahah
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