Top 10 Notorious Nations in Erev

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1)   Mexico
U.S and Venezuela helped them liberate their region but when push became shove they abandoned their allies and join the enemy Japan.

2) Argentina
They wished for a peace treaty to Venezuela and Brazill. The next morning The Venezuela and Brazill Country wake up to find their countries up in flame due to Argentina launching a surprise attack. not only that. they barely won the war using multis.

3) Ukraine
Allies or enemy the government of Ukraine will attack you just to get their citizen the precious True Patriot Medals and Battle Hero Medals

4) Japan
They proposed a peace treaty to the USA 24 hours later they were declaring war to the United State of America.

5) Bulgaria
A country filled with so much multis that switching presidents is like flipping a coin. The officials take advantage of this by using this method to support the economy and win wars 

6)  Republic of China (Taiwan)
They have annexed multiple regions without a care in the world.

7) Greece
They have repeatedly sent spies across the globe for espionage and recon missions

8) Georgia
They annexed Russia without not leaving a single region without not leaving a single region for them to prosper or rebuild.

9) Turkey
Taking over anyone they feel is a threat to their growth in power

Annexing regions are Daily thing in the country


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No Topa, no Vota!
Taiwan does that in all game... Laugh But Japan... I do not think proposing treaty deal, which was NOT signed should be up there. Diplomatic status change all the time. Especially when nations declare war on each other. Please change to different thing for Japan. FYI: Personally, I is not fan of eRev Japan but your reason is faulty.
One tip i want to give you, since i see the flag of my country: Please inform yourself properly and then write of us: [MoFA of Argentina] THE END OF THE LATIN WAR:
Sry KB didn't see the part where y'all returned Pakistans regions
ok spitfireYG as you changed your article I delete my comment. just it was my reason which I told you we didn't annex small countries(For the moment which I was MoFA of Iran)
Sorry, bro, you article is abaut attention sheaking, and shows your nations view about other nations.... by the way i found some interesting information, so thank you Smile
Subbed and voted, comrade. o7
"They proposed a peace treaty to the USA 24 hours later they were declaring war to the United State of America." Do you also forget that USA declined the NAP and attacked our close ally Ukraine?
"They proposed a peace treaty to the USA 24 hours later they were declaring war to the United State of America." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nice joke. We talk with USA about NApP you didnt wanted and attacked Ukraine instead. About Mexico you wanted to keep this regions to yourself and we helped to libirate them.
you should state your criteria for a notorious nation first before pointing your finger to any nation, not the other way round .. everyone have their own POV and can state their own list of notorious nations as easily .. anyway, you've got a new subscriber .. but I'm not voting this article since your reason including my nation as one in this list is not quite valid .. am looking for a down vote instead :p
Its just a prank, right?
Kbaz kidding? you can't annex pakistan, uea, armenia and saudi
Hey Kami, you don't know what your talking about. Please don't comment if you weren't there for the situation. We had a agreement with Mexico, So please stop acting like you know what your talking about.
Propaganda again, LOL MURICA. Indonesia = "Annexing regions are Daily thing in the country" Daily? You should include U.S in your list. U.S = "A country filled with so much propaganda article to fool all people in the world"
11) United States of America = "A country filled with so much propaganda article to fool all people in the world".
Geo + Gre + Tur are your allies, well... sharp control your people :l. Very bad propaganda .-.
Pfff.. 11) USA is crying so hard because was attacked from 3 fronts after attacking Ukraine.
Find valid information first in each country, you can't judge just because they're annexing region.
@Ready to Die we don't need useless regions and don't forget we fought in allies battles about 10-15mil everyday. Do you think it's hard job to make 2-3damages in tp war for annexing UAE or Armenia Laugh . I said it before As I was one of leaders of Iran we allow other ppl like pakistan or armenia or.... enjoy this game.This is not proud for me annexing 3-4players country without useful bonus Laugh
only no.4 i will demonstrative leave this article !
damn so much hating
Devuelvan Texas :v
Written about Ukraine is not true. Ukrainians in the early game too much helped his allies to the detriment of their interests. And what happened? Our allies got TP and did upgrade factories and training centres. And the Ukrainians were without gold and in silence it endured. Allies are so fond of themselves that do not take into account the interests of Ukraine. Our current allies are actively helping us and we try to do the same for them.
As someone mentioned, what about US propaganda??? Easily first place taken by US