Weekly Event-Battle Arena

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Goal of the game is to kill most enemies. Choose a team and move to face the opponents. Each team has safe zones which you can not attack. Click on your avatar to move (you can move or attack each 30 seconds) and click on the enemy avatar to attack them for 70 damage (once you are close to them). You can use special items available in the store to help you with your mission. Once your Health reach 0, you are kicked out of the battlefield. You can return if you have another life. Using bomb will inflict higher damage to your opponent, and using shield will increase your Health points to 150. Daily reward is for achieved score 2 / 2 and gifts are random. Use strategy to defeat your enemy.Life - max health 100 cooldown 60s
Bomb - damage 100 cooldown 60s
Shield - max health 150 (only when you have 100hp) cooldown 60s



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these are the rules. thx for summarizing.
Dumbest event yet
Pure Pay2Win event